Pitch Night 29

Locatie: Podium
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We want to make Rotterdam more awesome!

We want to make Rotterdam (more) awesome. We award the most awesome idea with €1.000 and help you realize it.


We want to make Rotterdam more awesome. That’s why we help those who have an idea that contributes to our vision. We select four people who will get the opportunity to pitch their idea during a Pitch Night. The winner goes home with €1.000 to realize their awesome idea.

So who’s there?

  1. The idea owners, they will pitch their most awesome idea!
  2. The trustees. Say what? That’s a group of 20 enthusiastic citizens who donate €50 each (which makes a thousand in total) and vote for the winner.
  3. The audience (is it you?). You can join for free, be inspired by the most awesome ideas, do some networking, have a drink or two, give feedback to the ones pitching and have an awesome evening!

One more thing. There is also one IMPORTANT vote for the audience!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your free ticket and join us!


We are looking for ideas that make our city (Rotterdam) more awesome 🚀

Do you have an idea and can you answer the following questions with ‘yes!’?

  1. Is your idea awesome?
  2. Is it relevant for Rotterdam (or its citizens)?
  3. Can you realize the idea within a few months, with the €1.000?

Yes, yes, yes? Apply now!

Go to our website for more info

// Laatbloeien Rotterdam⚡

LaatBloeien promotes climate positive entrepreneurship. We do this based on the ambition to make a visible contribution to a fair and sustainable society. For that great goal, we are a home base and accelerator for entrepreneurs with sustainable ideals.


19.30 hr: doors open

20.00 hr: pitches, networking and announcement winner


We’ve funded over 25 ideas! Here are a few:

Rotterdammertjes – the candy from Rotterdam.

The Street Barber – giving free haircuts for people living on the streets of Rotterdam.

Slutwalk – a walk to send out a clear statement that gender-based violence and harassment have no place in this city.

Pleurt maar in m’n Bakkie – waste bins in front of your house which you adopt and empty daily.

Do you have an idea that contributes to our city? Apply now!


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Frozen partner: West Coast Frozen Yoghurt

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